Gonna go in a new direction

Sooo…this is going to be the first in what will likely be a series of posts (rants) about the oddities of living in the wonderful state of West Virginia with cat people.

Let me begin by establishing (for the record) that I am NOT a cat person. This does not mean I hate them. It means that I can like them, play with them and take care of them, but at the end of the day I don’t NEED them in my life. Unlike practically all the women in my wife’s family (and some of the guys).

Today’s story begins with our white cat, Iggy. Iggy is a laid-back sort of fellow. He rarely gets mad or upset at all. He’s very affectionate and entertaining in a not-moving-a-whole-lot kind of way. He  does have his habits that are outright weird though.

For example…Chuck, the cat who lives in our washing machine door.

Our (now dead and gone) washing machine was a front-loader. The door had a chrome ring around it. Iggy could see his reflection in it and would often spend hours down in the basement meowing away to his “friend”. My wife jokingly named his reflection ‘Chuck’ and would often remark upon Iggy’s obsession with ‘talking’ to him.

Well, our washing machine broke and had to be replaced. While it was gone, Iggy spent all his time wandering around the apartment, head and tail hanging low. Or he’d go downstairs and sit in his spot, gazing (one can only imagine) wistfully at the now-empty spot where his friend Chuck used to live. Obviously, Iggy was depressed.

Once the new top-loading washing machine arrived a couple of days later, a process to return Iggy to his happy norm was started.

First, my wife’s sister-in-law had removed the old washing machine’s door (with the chrome ring) and set it aside. Now that the new machine was in place she duct-taped (yep…no lie) the old door to the side of our BRAND NEW washing machine. Iggy was down there shortly after, staring lovingly up at his old friend Chuck, returned to him after so long an absence (a day and a half, tops).

Now Iggy is back to his normal self, walking around the apartment, head and tail held high. He goes downstairs to talk with Chuck from time to time about living with my wife and I. I’m sure it’s quite stressful for him.

But he’s all better now.

*sighs* Cat people.


On today.

The wife and I attended a funeral for the mother of one of her co-workers today. Not the best way to start a day but it was the right thing to do. The co-worker was a very nice guy who, even on what is probably one of the worst days of his life, met us with a smile and pleasant greeting. He even made a little work-chat with my wife and a colleague of his that had ridden with us. All in all, a really decent guy.

I can only hope that I have the strength to face that time in my own life so well, whenever it comes.

I’m gonna call my mom when I finish this.

Sooo…it’s finished.


It’s been a busy few days.

All in all though, everything is proceeding right along.

I ran the wife into the office because that place almost literally can’t function for more than a day or two without her physically there. This despite the fact that she can do practically her entire job from home. All I can believe is they need her to be physically at the office so everyone can have something beautiful to look at that can also solve EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM THEY HAVE on any given day. So, to the office she goes.

Meanwhile, I took the Pilot in for an alignment since we’d noticed a wobble when accelerating or decelerating. Upon dropping the car off, I was told (and I quote) “You’ll be waiting.” I took this as notice that the procedure wasn’t going to be some quick outpatient sort of thing so I walked to a nearby restaurant to have a nice, healthy order of onions with a bit of hamburger steak and onion rings.

Needless to say, my lunch was oniony.

I returned to the shop to find that the Pilot wasn’t ready yet. The test drive and subsequent data about the wobble apparently indicated that our front brakes needed replacing. They’re rotary-disc, I believe…so they recommended that we replace the entire assembly instead of just the pads or the rotors. We ended up getting the premium brake job because when we hit the brakes on the Pilot, we want that big bitch to STOP.

And now, it does. 🙂

I wound up getting out of the car shop around 1:15 and picked up my lady around 2:30 or so.

As for the book, macro-editing is still going on. I hope it’s going well and there’s not too much I have to re-write. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Also, Max has been a very good boy so far today.

It won’t last. It never does.


I surrender fully.

(Trust me, it’s just easier.)

I will distribute posts about the cats in amongst my writing stuff. This will make my wonderful lady happy. Which will make me happy. Thus, it will be a good thing.

Currently my manuscript is undergoing macro-editing. Basically, it’s being checked for ‘holes’ in the world I’ve created. Inconsistencies and other errors in the overall universe of the story that will need fixing should hopefully be brought to light by this process. After this step is complete the line editing will begin.

I hope everything comes out okay. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. 🙂


To the Max, pt. 1

So…this post is an obvious attempt to quell my wife’s repeated attempts to get me to ‘write something about the cats! It would be so funny!’

Here we go.

Last October my wife added a new cat to our small family, bringing our total cat population to 4.

That’s a LOT of cats for a non-cat person (me)  to deal with.

The new cat, Max, was a tiny little ball of black fur with huge green eyes. He was uber-cute and my wife was completely taken with him. I wasn’t fooled. I’d noticed the ridiculously sharp claws tipping every tiny little kitty toe. This innocent little furball was armed to -kill-. Little did I know how ready he was. That beneath his huge-eyed, innocent little stare lay the soul of a Viking berserker combined with the same guilt-free, perky desire to “play” that Jason Vorhees is famous for.

But in the beginning, he was just super-cute and exactly what my lady needed to cheer up, so how could I say no?


Feelin’ mad.

I’m sitting here watching my wife suffer. She’s in pain from the long day she had at the office and the PT that came -immediately- after she left. She’s recovering from a broken ankle and the process is causing her to have severe pains in her hip.

And I can’t fix it.


I don’t like feeling so helpless when she’s hurting.


The pattern

For some odd reason I seem to be adding posts here two parts at the time. Odd. It wasn’t intentional except for the first time yet here I am doing it again. Ah, well. I’m pretty sure it’ll be alright.

As part of my fanbase-building exercises I was asked to come up with my ‘writing resolutions’ for this year. Since the year’s about half over it’ll be a little tight but I did it.

Dwaine Ennis

The only writing resolutions I have this year for certain is to have basic editing completed on my manuscript and to begin the second book in the Diamondfall series.

Dwaine Ennis

And there you go. And yes, my name is in there a LOT. But that’s what the workbook’s asking me to do.

Thanks for stopping by.