It would seem that I have now seen more snow after this last storm than I have at any other point in my life that I can remember.

(Those of you that are snickering about how bad my memory is can just shut right up. 😉 )

Good ol’ WV received a whopping 18″ of snow in just a couple of days.  Now I realize that a lot of you northerners are just chuckling good-naturedly about how “cute it is that they think that’s a LOT of snow”.

But to southern folk, it IS.  It’s like a frozen hell on Earth.  It enthralled me to the point where I didn’t write for almost three days.  Granted I didn’t sit staring out at the window for hours at it like one of the cats, but still…that was a ridiculous amount of snow.

So much fell, in fact, that my wife’s office building completely closed down.  That didn’t sound like much until she told me that in all of her time working there…over 15 years…that building has NEVER completely closed.  Not once.  Ever.


Also, the state closed all roads down.  Only emergency medical and rescue vehicles could legally travel during the worst parts of the storm.  That did impress me considering that this is a mountain state that has experienced big snowfalls before.

It’s not like back home in NC, where a single INCH of snow causes a mass exodus of bread and milk from grocery store shelves and a condition I can only describe as HPSP* overcomes the populace.

Up here milk and bread also vanished but the general response to the whole situation was a lot more relaxed.  It was rather peaceful, even.

Different strokes for different folks, I suppose.

But enough of that.  I’m gonna go eat some bread and drink some milk.

I have extra.

Just because.





(* Hidden Pants-Sh$%#@ng Panic)


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