It’s been a busy few days.

All in all though, everything is proceeding right along.

I ran the wife into the office because that place almost literally can’t function for more than a day or two without her physically there. This despite the fact that she can do practically her entire job from home. All I can believe is they need her to be physically at the office so everyone can have something beautiful to look at that can also solve EVERY SINGLE PROBLEM THEY HAVE on any given day. So, to the office she goes.

Meanwhile, I took the Pilot in for an alignment since we’d noticed a wobble when accelerating or decelerating. Upon dropping the car off, I was told (and I quote) “You’ll be waiting.” I took this as notice that the procedure wasn’t going to be some quick outpatient sort of thing so I walked to a nearby restaurant to have a nice, healthy order of onions with a bit of hamburger steak and onion rings.

Needless to say, my lunch was oniony.

I returned to the shop to find that the Pilot wasn’t ready yet. The test drive and subsequent data about the wobble apparently indicated that our front brakes needed replacing. They’re rotary-disc, I believe…so they recommended that we replace the entire assembly instead of just the pads or the rotors. We ended up getting the premium brake job because when we hit the brakes on the Pilot, we want that big bitch to STOP.

And now, it does. 🙂

I wound up getting out of the car shop around 1:15 and picked up my lady around 2:30 or so.

As for the book, macro-editing is still going on. I hope it’s going well and there’s not too much I have to re-write. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Also, Max has been a very good boy so far today.

It won’t last. It never does.


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